Oh, hey!

It’s June.

It’s the beginning of the end of my first year in Madrid. The days are getting longer. And meanwhile, workdays are getting shorter – starting today, school lets out at 1:15, rather than 5:30. They ease you into vacation, here.

And I’m jumping on the blog bandwagon.

Why? For a few reasons.

First, I’m not always … ahem… adept at communicating when I’m away, despite my best intentions. (Sorry!) This way anyone who’s interested can keep up with what’s happening in life in Madrid.

Second, everybody’s doing it. I might as well join in. A little late to the game, but here I am.

Third, I have time. A lot of free time on my hands, in fact. This state of affairs will go on for a while, since I’m signed up for another year in Spain.

I’m happy to be spending another year in Madrid, even though practically all of the friends I’ve made here are moving on to new adventures in new places. I’ll make new friends. Learn more Spanish. Hang out more with fun kids. And some not-so-fun ones. Run more. Read more. Take more pictures. Travel more. Oh, and bake more – my new apartment will have an oven, so I can put an end to this sadly baking-deprived chapter of my life. I think that pretty much sums up most of what I do with my time. Did I mention I have a lot of it?

I’ll keep updates on here.


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One response to “Oh, hey!

  1. Kailey

    Lovely start !
    Can’t wait to know more about your life in Madrid !!

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