Blog name: Why ice cream?

Ice cream in Madrid. Not because of my love of ice cream. I don’t eat much ice cream. Really, I don’t. The last time I really had ice cream was in Gran Canaria over the Easter holiday. It came on a stick in a little box and it wasn’t very good. I also recently had ice cream cake and still, I could live without it.

The blog name comes from my sixth grade students. My name, pronounced with a Spanish accent, sounds like “Ice – lean.” And the sixth graders realised that this sounds like “ice cream” and now that’s what they call me. Ice cream.

For a long while they thought I didn’t realize what they were really saying. They now know that, um, I’m in on it, guys. When I walk through the school and around the classroom, I get lots of calls of “Hello, Ice Cream!” Or from the especially advanced ones: “Hey, Ice Cream!”

Anyway, it’s been a joke that’s remained funny to them for the entire year. It makes me a bit sad already to think that next year these kids will be super grown up 7th graders. Aw. They’ll probably call me by my real name then.


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