Sneak attack by water balloon

Trying to recount this as it was said in conversation with Aran.

“Ok. So. Today as I was running (cold be damned!) all of the sudden I was hit in the leg with something. Hard enough to leave a mark. Like, big red mark mid-thigh. It happened really fast so I had no idea what was going on. And I looked down and it was a water balloon. Someone hit me in the leg with a water balloon! I looked all around to see where it came from. I looked up, to see if someone had thrown it out of an apartment. I have no idea. Who does that!? I was assaulted with a water balloon.”

… I was actually angry. Attacking people on the street? What? That is not fine! (To use “fine” in the way the Spaniards do.) But luckily I was already running so I could run it off. And luckily I couldn’t see at all how the whole thing had come about – luckily for whoever did it! Ha. (Not. I totally wouldn’t get into a confrontation. Let’s face it. I’d just seethe and be upset.)

And that’s the story of the time I was sneak-street-attacked with a water balloon in Madrid.

Luckily it was not like this cool time warp video of a water balloon to the face. Because then I probably would have wanted to involve the police or something, and I really would not like to have to explain, angry, in Spanish, what had happened.


For future reference I just google-translated the word for balloon in case it needs to be used in a police statement. Globo. Like the shoe store.


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