Stop licking the blinds

I just got really excited because it’s cool out and I thought it had started raining. It hasn’t rained since I arrived in September. I thought I was very anti-winter… but there is a bit of Canadian in me, after all. Wanting seasons.

And speaking of Canadian, here’s a riddle (not really a riddle): What’s better than peanut butter chocolate chip cookies AND honey cake in a single weekend? Read on.

This week some of my students said “Yeah” instead of “Yes.” BIG moment of excitement. I am waiting for “hey” instead of “hello.” For that there will be cupcakes.

I found out this week that my definition of cake (an item of soft, sweet food, made with flour, butter, eggs, etc, or substitutes – thanks dictionary) is actually incorrect and the correct definition of cake is the way they use it in France. (For any bread-like thing you make in a bread pan, savoury or sweet.)

Except not.

This week I didn’t have to explain the difference between fun and funny. Well, I had the opportunity. I just didn’t.

“Are we going to have funny in class?”

… No.

In Spanish class we didn’t learn much, but I was told that my childhood was incomplete because it didn’t include any Atom Ant, (La Hormiga Atomica in Spanish).

Anyway, I think I got by ok.

Next. WHAT is with the Spanish need to put an “eh” before every “ss” sound?







This week I had to ask a first grader to stop licking the blinds.

The answer to the riddle? Possibly, being home with the family for Thanksgiving. Or getting big hugs and kisses in the hall from my students. One or the other.


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