Updates on life and the NIE renewal process

Before I get to the good stuff (bureaucracy), let’s talk about me.

Some updates on life. First of all, it hasn’t rained yet since I arrived in Madrid on September 3rd. Cue Blind Melon – “And I start to complain that there’s no rain…” For someone who lived in Halifax for the better part of four years, that lyric is hitting a little close to home.

But in the last couple of days, there’s been a bit of a cold bite to the air, and when asked about the weather, my students have finally had to say something other than “sunny and hot!” Now it’s “sunny and cool!”

Halloween (and Halloween games, and songs, and candy) is around the corner, and there’s an election coming up on November 20. 20n is also the day that Franco died. Not a coincidence.

This newspaper clip that my Spanish teacher brought to class yesterday seems a fairly astute summary of the national sentiment going into the election.

From "El Periodico" (I believe)

I vote.

You win.

He loses.

We put up with it.

You get richer.

They lose their jobs.

This is the most accurate definition, and the third person plural can be out of a home, not receiving any assistance, etc.





Finally, I have some updates on the renewal process. (But not its outcome. Not yet.)

I made an appointment for for “empadronamiento” – to register to live where I do, essentially (? I think) for 12:40 on Wednesday the 19th. I don’t work Wednesdays.

The appointment was at “Plaza de Moncloa.” I wasn’t exactly sure if the building I was thinking of was actually “Plaza de Moncloa,” because if you google “Plaza de Moncloa” it doesn’t really show up as being one place or another. Anyway, as it turned out, the building is right across the street from my place so I was there 20 minutes early, having left my house at 12:20 for the 12:40 appointment.

The receptionist, a lovely, lovely young woman, gave me a number and a form to fill out, and directed me to the waiting room, where my number was already up.

Another nice young lady patiently showed me exactly how to fill out the form, and looked over my passport and housing contract. With the form filled out and documents in order, she printed off the form (called a “volante” apparently) that I need for the NIE renewal.

With the certificate in hand, I now had all the documentation required to finish up the NIE application. I asked the girl if she knew what I had to do, and she told me I had to go back to the original office where I’d started. Non.

I went back out and spoke with the receptionist. At my first appointment, they’d told me that I had to bring the documents to any Junta Municipal – and this building is the Junta Municipal del Distrito de Moncloa/Aravaca. I explained the situation to her and she looked over the papers, then told me I’d have to fill out a form as a cover letter. “But it might be a little bit difficult for you… Here, let me do it.” And she did. And then she filled out a second copy so that I would have one to keep. All I had to do was read, sign, and date.

Then she gave me another number, I went in and talked to yet another nice person, who took the papers and, fingers crossed, sent them off to the right place, so that at some point in the future, I get a shiny new NIE card.

All in all, this whole thing Wednesday took half an hour, and everyone was incredibly nice and helpful. I left seriously considering whether I should bake them cookies and bring them over, but I wasn’t sure how that’d be received.


FYI – The second form I filled out as a cover letter says:

Datos Solicitante: (DNI/NIF/NIE, Nombre, Apellidos)

Domicilio a efectos de notificaciones:

Expone: “En referencia al expediente # — por la solicitud de autorización de prórroga de estancia por estudios, aporto documentación requerida.”

Solicita: “Sea aportada dicha documentación a mi expediente.”

Documentación adjunta: “Documentación medios económicos, seguro médico (fotocopia), certificado del centro de estudio, certificado de empadronamiento (fotocopia).”

Administración/Organismo al que se dirige el presente escrito: “Área de trabajo e inmigración – OFICINA DE EXTRANJEROS”


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