Sunday morning

Mom is an early riser. I call her regularly at 6:00 am Canada time and she’s usually been awake for at least an hour.

The rest of us, not so much. Aran and Ilannah could probably sleep forever if left to it.

Dad likes a good lie-in. I am in between… But I definitely do best with an early-to-bed, early-to-rise routine. I don’t make a good twenty-something. I think at this age you’re supposed to be going to bed late and sleeping in at every opportunity? In Spain, especially. Obviously I’m more suited to middle age.

Lately I’ve been leaning to the Mom side of things, waking up an hour or two before my alarm. It gives me lots of time to read. And take pictures of the sun coming up. And bake.

Today I woke up early. And decided that it was as good a day as any to try something new, which led me to a) making a french tart shell for the first time, then b) caramelizing sugar for the first time, followed by c) making a chocolate tart (more or less this recipe) in its entirety.

(Crumbly) shell baking

Melting sugar

Full disclosure: It isn’t perfect.  But how bad could it be, when you have chocolate, butter, sugar, and flour combined and turned out into a pie plate? It is pretty close to perfect.

Still. I might have slightly overcooked the sugar, so the toffee flavour was very strong. Or maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be. In any case, I added more chocolate to make up for it. (Ahem… Any excuse to add more chocolate.) And I think I got the flour/butter ratio wrong in the tart dough, and it needed more flour. I added 4 big teaspoons on top of what the recipe called for, but it still needed more. AND I overbaked it a tiny bit. And you know how you’re supposed to wait until it’s cool before slicing? That didn’t happen either.





Yum, yum. Family, I will make this at Christmas. Friends, it’s now available on request.

Love, Aesclinn

Ps- Anyone want to give me a lesson in formatting pictures in WordPress posts? It’s driving me crazy.

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    I want some,,,,mistakes and all….