Happy Merry Almost Christmas

It’s my last Thursday before the Christmas holidays. That was a great motivating factor in getting out of bed today… So anyway, I’m seeing classes for the last time this year.

And I asked my first class (my favourite class, but don’t tell?) what we say for Christmas, to which they responded “Merry Happy Christmas!”

All of them!

“Merry Happy Christmas!” is the best expression ever.

A close second is “It’s my happy birthday!”

No, not, “It’s my birthday.”

“It’s my HAPPY birthday.”

Speaking of birthdays, last week was my happy birthday. Oh, and today, after an hour of singing and dancing to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, my class of fourth-graders sang me happy birthday belatedly. It was lovely.

For said birthday, I was with my Dad in Bilbao. We went to the Guggenheim, and it is a really great museum. Bilbao gets a bad rap, but, in my opinion, it’s totally undeserved. People say it’s industrial and not beautiful. But really, it’s a pretty city. We also went to Santander, which has great beaches and lots of nice places to walk. I understand why the royal family would summer there.

As of today I have four days of school left. Next Wednesday I journey back to Canada. 6:40 am flight from Madrid to Brussels, then Brussels to Montreal, then Montreal to Ottawa. I have decided that I have a big enough inventory of travel disaster stories already and don’t need any more to add to my collection, so everything should go smoothly. As long as it’s a complete 180 from last year’s adventure I should be ok? Last December, 12 hours stretched into something like 36 or 40. Anyway. This year is my year.

Cross your fingers for me! Wednesday, remember. Send me good air currents (?) and pray to the weather gods and whatever else you can manage. In the meantime I will be Christmas shopping, cookie baking, carol singing and suitcase packing. ‘Tis the season.


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  1. kevin

    Merry Happy Christmas…Luv your blog….Your Dad told me you had one.
    ( I’m jealous. I’d love to have one myself.Wish I knew how to start one. Hint, Hint! ) As a matter of fact I think everyone should have one. Of course I’d have to add on to the house. Anne wouldn’t appreciate me blogging in it. I’d have to build a garage to keep my clutter in one place.Well, I digress and obviously have a lot of work to get started on….A very Merry Happy Christmas and Hanukkah. luv ya