Bus Beer Bunny

These three things happened in one day.

Every morning I ride the bus to school. This particular morning, when we were about 10 minutes away from work, the bus pulls up to a stop, and the doors open to let on a passenger. Nobody was waiting to get off the bus, but the driver presses the button to open the back doors as well. He stands up, opens the little gate to let himself out of his seat, and quickly strides to the back of the bus and out the door. We watch as he approaches a lady sitting outside selling lottery tickets at a kiosk. He jokes around with her for a minute, pays for a ticket, hurries back to the bus, through the back door and settles back into the drivers seat.

That afternoon I was returning to work after lunch. As I enter the front gates into the parking lot, a man is crossing the pavement wheeling a trolley with several stacked cases of Mahou Clásico beer. I climb the front stairs, and he pushes the cart up the ramp and strolls into the school, with about 200 cans of beer.

I still have no idea what it was for.

Next, I make my way downstairs to the kindergarten wing to teach one of my classes of five-year-olds. I get the kids sitting down on the floor in a circle, where they eagerly pull up four or five chairs at odd spots in the circle, hoping that I will choose their chair and sit next to them. With a bit of difficulty I sit and get the class started… when moments later, a small, black, fuzzy animal darts under my chair and we realize that the rabbit, who is visiting for the day, has gotten loose from its cage and is making a run for it.

All in a day.


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  1. Sahar

    Your life is so eventful! Man, I miss Madrid (and you, of course!).