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Post for the sake of a post

I have a lot of half-started blog posts in a folder on my computer called “blog? … do I really want to do this?”

I think of something I want to write about, I write it, then I leave it and go, “no, this isn’t worth posting.” This explains the long gaps in between posts.

It may explain a lot of things, in fact.

Here are some titles saved into the folder:

  1. Sparkly girls
  2. m&ms
  3. Afghanistan, paperwork
  4. Madrid balance sheet
  5. Top ten things my students say to me

It goes on.

We have had a streak of unseasonably lovely weather. This leads to two thoughts:

  1. I have a lot of good reasons for going back to Canada next year. But how good are they really? Good enough to abandon months and months of sunshine and wintertime sweater weather? What qualifies as good enough to give that up? Like… really?
  1. I did a number on my leg and have an MRI coming up then physio for the foreseeable future. Running time has been replaced by a split between reading time (don’t ask how many books I read in February) and gym time. And time spent looking out the window going, “I really wish I could go for a run in this perfect weather.” Wamp wah.

Anyway. The next few months are full of travel, the promise of spring, and hopefully some developments on where I’ll spend the second half of the year. In the meantime I’m trying to figure out the appropriate reaction to the kids (mostly grades one through three) telling me random pieces of information – what do they really want me to say? I haven’t quite mastered the art of the response, beyond an appreciative “Ohhh, cooooool.” (Yeah… I want to teach my students the word “cool…” It’s not catching so far.)

In case you had forgotten (i.e., don’t spend much time with 7 and 8 year olds and find yourself personally rather at a distance from that cohort) one of the biggest accomplishments at that age is losing your teeth. One girl lost one of her front teeth and the tooth fairy (in Spain it’s a mouse called el Ratoncito Pérez) (???) brought her TEN EUROS. €10. In that case, instead of “Ohhh, cooool,” my reaction was more “OH MY WORD, I wish you were joking, but that is great, child.”

So. Happy March. Remember to appreciate your (more or less) full set of real, grown up teeth, and remember the joy of wiggling baby teeth, hiding them under your pillow, running your tongue through your gappy, gummy mouth, tracking the growth of your new, gigantic, solid, big girl or big boy teeth and awaiting the magic of a surprise from the tooth fairy. And if you’re a kid in Spain, pocketing ten euros and telling your friendly neighbourhood conversation assistant all about it.


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